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Our services are uniquely tailored to meet the African setting and optimized to guarantee security and dependability. We look to global standards as our measure of quality and service delivery. 

With a world that is changing so fast, it is almost inevitable for competing businesses to keep up with the trends. In today’s mobile-centric commerce space, having a mobile application is essential for reaching your target audience.

We offer comprehensive mobile application development services for both iOS and Android platforms. From conceptualization and design to development and deployment, our skilled mobile app developers will create engaging and feature-rich mobile applications that strengthen your brand presence and drive user engagement.

A mobile application allows a business to powerfully present services to its clients in a modern and convenient and individualized way. It allows the business to promote its services through push notifications and grow its clientele through increased access. Because any potential client can simply download your business app on their phone, it increases the conversion rates by over 40%, thereby growing your business.

Clients get to choose whether to deploy to both Android and IOS or to only either one of them. The decision however must be guided by important statistics.

Globally the two main mobile devices operating systems are Google’s Multi-Brand Android OS for many devices including Samsung, Tecno, Huawei, Infinix, Xiaomi, itel and others (order of Android Market Share in Africa – statcounter globalstats for July 2023) and Apple’s Exclusive-Brand IOS for the iPhone.

Our team also helps to give advice on what OS to deploy to base on the target audience or clients.

While our primary focus is on eCommerce applications, we also develop custom apps on request. Our proficiency cuts across the following types of apps:


1.  eCommerce Single Business, Single Store Mobile App

List unlimited products from one business or store and a single store or branch. Allow clients to buy using Mobile Money and VISA Cards via a secure online gateway (not mobile money transfer by phone number). Hi-definition product images and video support.

Mobile OS Global Market Share First Quarter 2023





Mobile OS African Market Share First Quarter of 2023





Mobile OS Zambian Market Share First Quarter of 2023






2.  eCommerce Single Business, Multiple Store Branches Mobile App

Similar to the single business option but allows for multiple store branches across the country (up to 80 stores). Online Shoppers can choose the store nearest to their location and the respective branch receives the online purchase notifications either by email or SMS.

Optional Inclusions – Similar to option 1 above.


3.  eCommerce Multivendor Business, Multivendor Stores Mobile App

Similar to the single business options 1 & 2 but allows for multiple vendors (other businesses to sell on your app). The owner can charge monthly fees or commissions based on the sales for revenue generation. Designed for a marketplace business model.

Optional Inclusions – Similar to option 1 above also apply.


4.  Delivery System Mobile Apps

Our aim is to provide comprehensive solutions for e-commerce. As such, the delivery element is very vital. Thankfully, we provide high-quality, full-featured and exceptional-performance delivery apps for both all the eCommerce app options listed above.

Get a dispatch dashboard and the delivery man app integrated to automatically dispatch the nearest delivery man available. Manage payments to your delivery partners through a virtual wallet or through payout requests. The possibilities are endless to meet your unique needs.


5.  Online Services App

Whether you are selling insurance, consultations, counselling or providing a service that requires on-site work, allow your clients to order online and receive their service as you stipulate. From cake orders to make-up artists to photography and choreography, handyman works or repairs.

If your service can be provided virtually via video, do it through your app. The possibilities are endless.


6.  Chatting Apps

Chatting apps that allow users to exchange messages across the internet using online user accounts. Share multimedia files and create groups for chats. An option of including voice and video calls. Create a closed circuit of communication to share with only those that you please.


7.  Membership App

Create a membership forum app that allows a private group of individuals to share information and notifications. Reinforce the sense of belonging through an exclusive membership app which will constantly remind the members of the organization. The owner can add optional functions as deemed fit.


8.  News App

Publish your News in the form of an app. Charge monthly subscription to allow continued use. Supports all multimedia content. And other mobile app functions.


9.  Information & Directory App

Support your members, clients, or participants with a custom information app to provide any type of information. Share your SOPs and other important organizational guides with clients using an intuitive app. Make the information searchable and updatable dynamically using the app control dashboard.


10.  Custom Idea Applications

Do you have an idea for an app? Let us know and we will assess if we can make it a reality.

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