Care to Know Us a Little Better?

An original native African brand, created for solutions targeting  Africa’s technology challenges.

We encourage African businesses to harness the power of technology in trade and industry. Together, we can bridge the gap and secure Africa’s Technological Future. 

Frequently Asked Question

The word "ZWACHA" is simply a lexical brand name. The founders decided to represent the vision's primary focus,  The Trade and Industry Space. This is because our services literally cut across Any Trade and Any Industry. A genius way of doing this was using the Zambian Currency - The Zambian Kwacha. So Zwacha is a product of the two words "Zambia" and "Kwacha": - The 'Z' from "Zambia" replacing the 'K' in the "Kwacha".

To ensure that our clients don't always wonder what we do as a business, the descriptive part of the company name was included finally making it Zwacha Online Trade Limited. In another way, one could look at it as our core business is Facilitating Online Trade of The Zambian Kwacha, not in the sense of trading a currency, but in the sense of all the local businesses that are using the Zambian Currency for trading.

So Zwacha Online Trade Limited is a Lexical and Descriptive Brand Name. And because the word "ZWACHA" doesn't actually have a direct meaning in our local languages, it is also an invented Brand Name. Others could call it a compound name since it kind of combines two-word concepts. This means our company has a hybrid brand name from the three classes of Brand Names:

  1. Lexical
  2. Invented
  3. Descriptive

This brand name fulfils an important desire of the founders, to be a truly NATIVE BRAND. While many people associate digital technology services by natively Zambian Brands with inferiority and low standards, ZWACHA is geared to change that narrative. We use global standards for all our services and we never compromise on quality.