eCommerce Services

The main difference between a website and a web app is that web apps are more capable to handle much more resource-demanding tasks with ease.  But modern websites have become so capable such that it is difficult to tell them apart. 

In case you would like to take your business online but your budget can not allow for a platform of your own. Or if you would like to sort of test the waters before taking an actual dive, be assured that help is on the way. Zwacha Online Trade Limited is establishing multiple marketplace platforms that will allow businesses to come on board as a vendor. Most of the apps are in the better testing stage and will be rolled out soon.

If you would like to list your business on the app prior to its launch so that your products/services will be available on the launch date, get in touch with us and we will show you how.

Our apps will feature most of the current features an app should have and this will further simplify the process of taking your business online. This is because it will cost close to nothing to get you set up on the marketplaces. Subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of this page to get firsthand information and updates.

Business Listing

List your business on our business directory website and app for free. Increase your online presence by listing your business on our modern business directory website and mobile application. You can have a full page on the platform dedicated to your business. You can showcase some of your products and services, promotions, and contact details so that you can gain access to a new population of clients online.

You can also link the website page to your social handles and have the closest experience to a custom website. Some of the pages can host direct forms so that you can get emails from clients who intend to inquire about your business.

Make it easier for your clients to find you based on your products and services using generic search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, etc.

eCommerce Consultation Services

As experts in e-commerce, we offer consultation services to help businesses maximize their online sales potential. Our experienced consultants will assess your current e-commerce strategy, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations. Whether you need assistance with sales optimization, inventory management, or marketing strategies, we will guide you towards effective e-commerce solutions tailored to your specific goals.

  1. eCommerce Viability

We provide expert analysis of both existing and start-up businesses to evaluate their eCommerce potential and provide key recommendations that can prevent large financial losses and risky ventures for decision-makers. Don’t make huge and risky gambles in the eCommerce space. This is why we are here.


  1. Digital Migration Feasibility

If you would want your business or organization to digitize its operations in a manner that improves efficiency, saves money and maintains or betters the customers’ experience while not losing any old data, then look no further. Zwacha will give you a detailed assessment and chart a clear path to attain the seamless digital migration transition.  

We can also provide most of these solutions in house so you will be in safe hands if you decide to go with our services.


  1. eCommerce Market Trends

Wondering what the online market clients are clearing off the shelves? We will carryout a tailored study and provide you with that key piece of information to help you make a wise investment decision for your online business.

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