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The main difference between a website and a web app is that web apps are more capable to handle much more resource-demanding tasks with ease.  But modern websites have become so capable such that it is difficult to tell them apart. 

Unlock the power of web applications with our professional web app development service. We have extensive experience in building custom web applications that streamline business processes, enhance productivity, and improve user experiences.

Our talented team of developers will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and deliver a scalable and robust web application that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Our expertise transcends industrial boundaries, allowing us to cater to diverse industries with sturdy prowess. By crafting modern and responsive web apps that seamlessly adapt to any device visitors use, Zwacha ensures an immersive user experience on every platform.

Here are some good Web Application Ideas

1.  Organization & Government Services Portals

From user applications for services to multi-level processing and finally generating complete secured documents a web app can more than just fulfill this task. Cut the processing time down to half by automating some steps.

Users can create secure user profiles, upload high-resolution documents and files of all kinds, digitally sign documents make payments online ad much more.

2.  Loan Service Management System

Create a beautiful interface to allow your clients to apply for and process their loans entirely online. Include advanced mortgage and loan calculators that clients can interact with on your website and use that information to process their loan disbursement.

Give your client user experience a facelift with powerful automated notices and reminders via email or text messages and an individualized client profile.

3.  Insurance Management System

Gone are the days of inconveniencing clients and expecting them to stick around. Simplify the process of signing up and claiming insurance benefits with ease using smart online systems. Automate and streamline your entire operations while maintaining a birds-eye view over key aspects of management. Outsmart your competition using digital technologies.

4.  CRM and Projects Collaborations & Management System

Does your project handling look like a maze or a jigsaw puzzle? If that is the case then it is because you have allowed it to. Or perhaps you have some system going but deep down inside you know that you could do things in a much smarter way. With business and organizational growth comes the need for professional and robust Customer Relations Management.

Restructure your project handling to include a unified team model using multiple online collaboration tools designed for time management and productivity that will never let you lose a lead.

With features like one client database, task assigning and notification reminders, shared calendars and collaborating document processing, you will increase your productivity 100-fold with ease. A CRM frees your team to concentrate on tasks that actually count toward business growth.

5.  Media-Sharing Web Apps

A media-sharing web app allows users to create an online community for sharing file templates, photos and images, music and audio, video content and much more. It could be a paid access for those with the desire to monetize, or a freemium model.

6.  Subscriptions & Billing Management Portals

Do you have a service that you provide to a large number of clients and you would like to manage their subscriptions in a more professional, smart and streamlined approach? With a custom Web App, we can enable your business to not just do it well but to shine at it as well.

Automate payment-due notification reminders via SMS or rich emails to wow your clients and reaffirm your brand’s credibility to your clients. Allow them online payments so they never have to come to your office just to make payments. Generate high-level detailed analytics to help you make business growth decisions with your operations data.

Serve your client better using data analysis to understand your ideal client and modify your service delivery to better serve them.

7.  Student Results Portals

The days of queuing up to get results are long gone. And the idea of publishing results in the form of a big list of student numbers and their grades is unacceptable, some even argue that this practice is disrespectful to some certain extent. While getting the university staff members to email the results individually to the students modernizes the process, it may be a waste of human resource.

There are simply too many technologies available to still be using these archaic methods. Learning institutions can use an online portal system to handle the process and make it easier for everyone.

Features include individual profiles with password-protected access. Individualized Email/SMS notifications and password recovery or reset. Lecturers can input information directly into the system when prior to publicizing the results. Systems are made very secure with high-grade communications encryption technology.

8. HealthCare Records System

Digitize the patient records management system including personal details, doctors’ notes, prescriptions and review appointments bookings, payments and more. All the tools to manage your hospital or clinic in a paperless method. Systems are made secure with file encryption technology.

9.  Delivery & Courier Services

For providers of courier services, allow your clients to place delivery orders online and track and change the status of the parcel as it is in transit. Generate packing slips and delivery notes with unique barcodes or QR Codes to quickly capture information.

Google Maps integration for live tracking feature Securely identifies your fleet members using a password-protected directory. Accept payments online and allow clients to sign the goods received confirmation online or open parcel not received inquiry entirely online.

10.  Accounting Assistant Web Apps

Get advanced accounting systems to help your business stay ahead of the numbers. Generate detailed financial statements and records by following simple input instructions and get monthly documents like profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, sales accounts and more.

Cut your accounting fees to half by using smart systems to help you update your financial records live as you transact. Use this information analysis to make decisions that will grow your business.

11.  Secure Voting Portal

Are you conducting very sensitive and important elections for your organizations or institution? There are times when a simple Google form just won’t cut it right knowing what is at stake. We have the solution just for you.

Get a dedicated elections Web App with ultimate security of up to 16 sets of security layers to ensure that your elections are not tampered with. Our system will notify you of breach attempts and notify stakeholders of any unauthorized file changes by hackers and attackers. Get live tallying reports with comprehensive secure voter registration and verification functions online. Track any changes with detailed user logs. With two-factor authentication login requirements to permit voting by verified voters, total security is guaranteed.

Get a completely custom-designed interface with unique branding, colour schemes and layout. Get high-definition videos and Photos to showcase your candidates and their manifestos. Or you can set up a unique live stream of the candidate debates right on the Web App. 

Automate the vote counting and publication of results through rich PDF documents sent to your all voters and stakeholders. Notify all verified voters through SMS or Rich Emails with automated yet individualized messages. Set custom voting opening and closing times and so much more.


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